Samuel Zeller - Issue #5 - Street photography

Do you like street photography?I love it, and a lot of Fujifilm photographers like it (maybe because
May 24 - Issue #5
Samuel Zeller
Do you like street photography?
I love it, and a lot of Fujifilm photographers like it (maybe because their cameras are so good for this genre). I’ve published a new article on my Medium blog, a list of talented Fujifilm photographers that I follow on Instagram. I hope it will make you discover new and interesting photographers.
I’ve also launched a new Instagram account @Fujifeed_street which is curated by some great Fuji street photographers. You can submit your work to it by using the #fujifeedstreet hashtag 🚶

Talented Fujifilm photographers to follow on Instagram
I compiled this list of Fujifilm street photographers to follow on Instagram. I’ve tried to select different shooting styles and a variety of people from Paris to London. Read the article here
PS: to add your own work or suggest someone, reply to this email
Sergi García Gavaldà
Craig Whitehead
The Fujifilm X100F, an everyday professional camera
Asanka Brendon Ratnayake reviews the X100F and why it’s the everyday camera for professional photographers. He is an Australian photojournalist. Read the article here
Days of Night/Nights of Day
Daily life, work, and play, in the northernmost city in the world, Norilsk, Russia (also the 7th most polluted city in the world) — a fascinating, detailed photo report with 45 exquisite images. By Elena Chernyshova.
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Samuel Zeller

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