There's a new Fujifilm forum 📸

Hello!It's been two months since my last email. I've been silently working hard on some exciting proj
July 29 - Issue #7
Samuel Zeller
It’s been two months since my last email. I’ve been silently working hard on some exciting projects. A week ago I also launched a new forum for Fujifilm users from around the world. I hope that you will enjoy it 👌

Introducing the Fujifeed forum
Fujifeed is an online magazine for Fujifilm photographers. It recently reached 40'000 followers on Instagram and it’s growing every day. It’s a very vibrant community and I’m now launching another way for photographers to connect with each other with a sleek new forum.
But… a forum? Isn’t that something from the year 2000?
Not this one, this is a fast, modern and very easy to use platform.
You don’t believe me? Check it out and see for yourself.
New article: Everyday oddities by Chris Mollon
Detroit based photographer Chris Mollon takes inspiration from the simplicity of his own surroundings in the city to create both wonderfully vibrant and sculptural scenes. Read the full article
New interview with Sergio Garcia Gavalda
Unknown subjects out of time and unified with space. Gavalda brings into balance a Kafkaesque world where nobody knows how they got into, nor if they will ever get out: his own subconscious. Read the full article
✍️ Things I've bookmarked recently
Niall McDiarmid captures the faces of our times
Photos of Japanese playground equipment at Night by Kito Fujio
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Samuel Zeller
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